Our Favorite Tradespeople

Mar 20, 2009


These are the people we rely on to get the job done around the house, the car or the office. We share them with you on one condition: We accept no responsibility for the quality of their work, or the quality of your personal relationship. Just know that we love ‘em. And that they did not pay to get listed here.

Bee removal/hive maintenance
Bee Specialist, 800.636.2434, Safe, organic bee removal, typically saving the hive.
Kirk’s Urban Bees, 323.646.9651, Hive removal, urban pollination, hive maintenance and honey harvesting.

Carpet & upholstery cleaner and chimney sweeper
Jeff Luttenbacher, Right-Way Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning and Chimney Sweeping, 626.818.1467. Excellent customer service and follow-up.

Christmas light hanging
Rick Rosing, 818.355.0289. Responsible guy, low prices.

Computer repair
Crown City Computer Repair, 626.792.1122. Quick (same day) response, makes house calls, good prices.

Dog trainer
Penny Scott-Fox,

Dog walker & dog sitter
Cathy Mallory, 626.564.1342

Dry cleaners
Bryan’s Cleaners & Laundry, multiple locations, 626.796.4335. Pick-up and delivery service is included, and they always repair missing buttons, etc., at no extra charge.
Eco Clean, 2708 E. Colorado Blvd., East Pasadena, 626.844.9382. Chemical-free green cleaning that really works. Super-friendly people and a true neighborhood-focused, family-run business.
The French Hand Laundry, 606 S. Lake Ave., Pasadena, 626.792.3881. Expensive, but well worth it for special-occasion garments. Many of the gowns worn to the big awards ceremonies are sent here to be cleaned.

Eco home services
B & B Lumber, 8040 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, 818.983.1645. Used/recycled lumber, doors, windows, sinks and more.
California Graywater Corps., 3400 Holyoke Dr., Los Angeles, 213.949.2343, greywatercorps.comLEED-accredited architect and ecologist, quick install and not expensive.

ReStore, 770 N Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, 626.792.3838 and also 17700 S. Figueroa St., Gardena, 310.323.5665. Habitat for Humanity’s store for used/recycled home goods, building materials and more.

Rene Le Beau, Faultless Electric, 626.675.4208
Mihai Serban, 818.201.4433
Michael Sizer, 626.355.8742
John Watson, 626.233.4601

Floor refinisher
Ralph Siordia, Ralph’s Hardwood Floors, 626.339.1932

Gwyn Stephens, Bottoms Up Gardening Service, 626.797.9100. Also good for tree trimming.
Richard Demier, 323.270.4072. Also a good tree trimmer.
Richard Frausto & Sons, 626.796.8314. Landscaping and maintenance gardening.
Louis Martinez, 626.797.8028
Vivien Fortunaso, 626.818.7650. California garden grooming: native and Mediterranean planting; flower and vegetable gardening; landscape maintenance.

Garden accents and décor
Foothill Fountain (Paul Moreno) 626.844.6453 or 562.964.0101 (Paul’s cell) 3040 E. Foothill, Pasadena. Pots, from petite to large—hand painted terra cotta to modern cement pots au natural or tinted to the color of your choice. Custom planters made on site. Salvage, from wrought iron to great outdoor furniture; statuary and garden knick-knacks. Free delivery in the Pasadena area.

General contractor
David King, DTK Builders, 323.666.1706
John Walker, Walker-Mattheissen Builders, 626.397.2897
Mike Zenzola, 626.914.2550

Don Hamilton, 818.314.5986. A good carpenter (and former skateboard champ!).
Steve’s Home Maintenance, 626.797.0271, Carpentry, tile, concrete and more; good for building fences and decks and doing all-around home repairs and improvement.
Arunas Zvinakevicius, 213.590.5156. Carpentry, repairs, light electrical and plumbing… he can do almost everything.

Holiday/Seasonal Decor
Jordi Stringfellow, Jordi & Co. 626.665.4222, Seasonal and year-round home decor with a certain WOW-factor. Takes your favorite pieces and adds some new with perfect placement —  your decor will never look better.

Junk hauler
Reggie at Goodbye Junk, 800.407.6662. Professional, tidy and very nice.

Landscape contractor
Brian Johnson Landscape, 626.806.6673,
John Cook, Morrill Group, 818.247.9595,

All models-Gene’s Automotive Service (Jerry), Eagle Rock, 323.256.9193
American cars– Crescenta Valley Ford Specialists (Dennis Cann), La Crescenta, 818.248.8711
BMW & Mercedes – Plati German Car Service, Pasadena 626. 792.3330
Subaru– Suby Specialties (Steve Courtice), Monrovia, 626.358.4235,
Tires– B & D Auto Center, Altadena, 626.797.0848,
Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Nissan– Accurate Autoworks, Pasadena, 626.584.6632
Volvo & Mercedes– Independent Volvo Service (Vartkes Azazian), Pasadena, 626.796.5460

Peter Carpenter, 323.225.6180. Not cheap, but artistic and very high quality work.
Jonathan Martinez, 626.441.0315,
Mario Osorio, 818.359.8345. Good work, low prices.
Scott Penn, Partnership Painting, Full-service hometown painting contractor; great for larger jobs and complete house painting.
Craig Penne, 626.446.6133. Expensive but worth it for meticulous work.
Leslie Robinson, Diversified Painting, 213.453.4508,

Pest control
Foss Termite Control, 626.792.4154, Nontoxic methods.
Choice Pest Control, 626.535.9053. Let’s be honest: Norway rats are an issue in this town. The guys at Choice will thoroughly rat-proof your house.
Walsh’s Pest Control, 626.359.4712. Handles termites, ants and rodents.

Piano mover
Rafael Garcia, 323.563.3854

Piano tuner
Fred Fehl, 626.791.1296
George’s Piano Service, 626.351.2077
Blaine Hebert, 626.795.5170. Also repairs pianos and other stringed instruments.

Ariel Fischer, Sooner Plumbing, 626.255.4144. Good all-around plumber.
Doug Kutruff, 626.793.0461. Great for smaller jobs.
Keithly Plumbing, 626.449.0387. A good choice for bigger jobs.
Happy Sam’s Plumbing, 800.679.6861
E. L. Plumbing, Altadena, 626.240.9627 Affordable and professional.

Pool guy
Rick Jenkins, 626.287.8521
Tom Pike, 626.791.0574

Campagna Roofing, 626.398.1302
Devon Roofers, 626.796.6996

Sam Hart, 1041 E. Green St., 2nd floor, Pasadena, 626.840.5993. Great for suits and special-occasion clothing, but also does a great job hemming jeans at a fair price.
Laurel’s Apparel Service, 871 N. Baldwin Ave., Sierra Madre, 626.355.3280. Everything from wedding-dress altering to hemming pants.
Tailoring Plus, 463 N. Lake Ave., Pasadena, 626.577.4101. George is a reliable tailor for everyday jobs, from taking in pants to hemming skirts.

Shoe repair
Zinke’s Shoe Repair, 592 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, 626.793.5790. An iconic spot with a fabulous neon sign. It’s slated to be torn down for condos, so get your shoes fixed while you can.

Solar Contractor
Solar City, James Thiel, 310.913.6200, Purchase and lease programs available.

Tile & stone installation
Pablo De Lazaro, 818.437.4091

Tile & tub restoration/matching
Miracle Method, 818.957.2177. Montrose-based company that can match your oldest tiles and bathtubs.

Tree trimmer
Danny Osti Tree Service, 626.355.7087. Highly experience certified arborist who does work for such cities as La Cañada.
Gabriel Astorga, Safe and Beautiful Tree Co., 626.794.5074. Certified arborist with very good prices.
Oscar at Sky’s the Limit, 626.483.1801. Licensed in San Marino.
Frank Park, Artistic Trees, 626.915.3003

Lynnette Adams, 626.398.6317. Creative, affordable upholstery and window coverings.

Window washer
Walter Garrido, G & G Window Cleaning, 323.234.7242. Also does pressure washing and cleans rain gutters.

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  5. Thanks for the great resource!

  6. Claudia Bailey says:

    Here’s a question: does anyone know of a cleaners that will launder/press plain women’s shirts at the same price as men’s shirts? I’m tired of being charged double or triple because of the excuse “they have to be done by hand” or “they’re too small to fit the form”, when that’s just not the case with a plain shirt. I”m talking no darts, tucks, lace, ribbons, bows, etc. – just plain. And a women’s size large or XL is bigger than a men’s small so that’s no excuse either. Several states have laws preventing this kind of discrimination, but not CA. Cleaners charge this because they can, and I don’t know why there hasn’t been more publicity about this blatant discrimination.

  7. Colleen Dunn Bates says:

    Great question, Claudia, and one that drives me nuts. I re-posted it on our Facebook page, so let’s see if we get an ethical cleaners to respond!

  8. David says:

    Eco Clean = “Super friendly people?” Are you a masochist?

    They ruined my partner’s coat and told her to “get the f*** out!” and called her a whore when she pointed out what they had done. She was not even being confrontational, so this experience was a bit of a shock.

    It’s easy to be friendly when people are just giving you money and smiling. When someone points out a mistake, it takes a good person to remain kind. You’ll find no such people at Eco Clean, where not only is the customer always wrong, but the customer is always a whore.

  9. Colleen Dunn Bates says:

    David, we’re very sorry your partner had that experience. Our experiences have been very good. We hope that was an anomaly.

  10. Antoinette Mongelli says:

    Hi, I have tried calling and emailing the folks at SystemSimple, one of the companies on your concierge list and have received zero response. Are they still in business? If they are, not great customer follow through.

  11. Kat Ward says:

    We’re sorry, Antoinette. We’ll follow up and see what we can find out.

  12. Kat Ward says:

    Antoinette: We have left messages via phone and email and, like you, have been unable to receive a reply from SystemSimple. We apologize for the inconvenience to you, and we have removed SystemSimple from our concierge list. We will also be double-checking all of our concierge suggestions to ensure that they are up-to-date. Thank you for pointing out this issue.

  13. Mark Alled says:

    Zinke’s Shoe Repair, 592 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, 626.793.5790. An iconic spot with a fabulous neon sign. It’s slated to be torn down for condos, so get your shoes fixed while you can.

    They have moved to 250 N. Lake Ave. Same hard working people, looks just the same inside..

  14. Bebe says:

    Are these recommendations current as of 12.11.13 or ?


  15. Kat Ward says:

    We do stand by these recommendations, but we will admit that as of late we have not checked whether or not all the information is current. We’ll put it on our New Year’s list!

  16. Sarah says:

    Buyer beware. I used one of the recommended tradesmen and I definitely would not recommend him. Presented a good story but the quality of work and follow through was poor. I’ll have to hire someone else to fix it. Please note just because they are listed doesn’t mean they’ve been vetted. Thanks.

  17. Kat Ward says:

    We regret that you had an unsatisfying experience with one of the tradespeople recommended. Though the list has not been updated lately, every one listed in Concierge were personally recommended by the original Hometown Pasadena authors or someone in their inner circle. If you’d like to send us an email and share this trade person’s identity, we will assess the situation. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

  18. Sarah says:

    My experience is with Richard Stewart, painting contractor. He started out great and the project went downhill from there. I’m waiting for a third follow up visit to complete the project. Paint quality is poor, no supervision on the job, no attention to detail, and it really doesn’t look nice. When you compare his team’s work with my prior paint job there is no comparison. I’ll have to have another painter come in to fix it. They didn’t tape anything so I have paint where it shouldn’t be. I think they probably do okay with commercial jobs and flat paint but they struggled with gloss and the details required for residences (molding, etc). I’m really disappointed and I thought that the Pasadena site would be a strong, positive reference. Lesson learned but I hope others don’t have the same experience.




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