Who should be L.A.’s businessperson of the year?

Dec 5, 2012

Tesla Worldwide Debut of Model X

Co-Founder and Head of Product Design at Tesla Motors Elon Musk speaks onstage during Tesla Worldwide Debut of Model X on February 9, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Credit: Jordan Strauss/Getty Images for Tesla

Who is the best of the best in L.A. business?

Los Angeles plays host to 14 Fortune 500 companies and an incredibly successful collection of small businesses, but KPCC reporter Matt DeBord has narrowed the field down to two worthy contestants: much maligned former Dodgers owner and parking lot savant Frank McCourt, and “businessman of the future” Elon Musk, who made his fortune investing in innovative technologies from Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity. In many ways, the two men embody some of L.A.’s most distinguishing qualities – where would the city be without its electric cars and plenty of space to park them.

So, who is the savvier businessman, Musk, or McCourt? Is there someone else in L.A. business who should be considered for the top spot?


Matt DeBord, KPCC Reporter; writes the DeBord Report

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