What does it take to win and hold the White House?

Jun 12, 2012

The Candidate by Samuel L. Popkin

“The Candidate: What it Takes to Win – And Hold – The White House” by Samuel L. Popkin Credit: Oxford University Press

“There are two winners in every campaign” according to Author, Samuel L. Popkin, “The inevitable winner when it begins– such as Rudy Guiliani or Hillary Clinton in 2008– and the inevitable winner after it ends.” From campaign juggling to the war room, Popkin’s most recent work, “The Candidate: What it Takes to Win and Hold the White House,” draws upon his years of experience as a consultant to the Carter, McGovern, Clinton and Gore campaigns, but his insight has clearly been honed before his Political Science classroom at University of California, San Diego.

Popkin writes, “Mike Piazza was one of the greatest catchers in history. A few years after he retired, a reporter asked the twelve-time all-star if he missed playing major league baseball. ‘You never lose the desire to play,’ Piazza told her, ‘but you lose the desire to prepare to play.’”

Popkin joins Patt and is ready to field your questions on what it will take to win and hold the White House in 2012.

Excerpt from ‘The Candidate’ – Prologue

Samuel Popkin will be at Warwick’s in La Jolla, California on Tuesday, June 12th at 7:30pm to discuss and sign his book “The Candidate: What it Takes to Win – and Hold – the White House.”


Samuel L. Popkin, Professor of Political Science at the University of California, San Diego; former Democratic strategist for presidential campaigns for over 40 years; he is the author of “The Candidate: What It Takes to Win – and Hold – the White House”

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