To Sell is Human

Jan 15, 2013

“To Sell Is Human” by Dan Pink

Do you have any experience in sales? Well, if you have a job in today’s society, author Dan Pink says the answer is yes. While one in nine Americans work in a traditional sales department, the other eight draw upon the same techniques salespeople use every day.

Pink attributes this to the displacement of power in business relations. For instance, salespeople used to have all the power over their potential buyers. They had the resources, the information and the connections to control everything to their advantage.

Nowadays, that isn’t the case. With the Internet giving more and more access to products and data for consumers, the formal sales role has been diminished. But Pink stresses that the art of moving people is more important than ever. That’s because while not everyone is formally selling something, there is some sort of persuasion and exchange going on in business interactions. You can trade thoughts, ideas, opinions, time and even effort. But how do you make the most sales in a world full of salespeople? What’s the best way to stand out in the crowd? How does messaging affect the pitching of an idea? What have you noticed works for you in and out of the office?


Dan Pink, author of “To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others” (Riverhead Books, 2012)

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