The master interpreter of song, Frank Sinatra

Nov 9, 2010

Equal parts charismatic and enigma, Frank Sinatra is arguably the best-known entertainer of the twentieth century. But behind the blue eyes and velvet voice, in the shadow of the legend is the life of a real man. In his new book, <i>Frank: The Voice,</i> author James Kaplan fills in the details of Sinatra’s story in excruciating but never dull detail – his inauspicious beginnings in Hoboken, the 12-year-old kid singing for quarters on top of the piano in his father’s tavern, his meteoric rise to superstardom, his marriages, infidelities, struggles and miraculous comebacks. Kaplan conducted exhaustive research for the book, allowing the reader to experience Sinatra’s life almost day-by-day – making his legend feel at once intimate and as towering as ever.

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