The age old question: Are women funny?

Jul 9, 2010

What makes someone funny? Is it the look? The writing? The timing? And what makes someone not funny? Well, according to a common stereotype, two ‘X’ chromosomes. The thought of women not being funny isn’t anything new – it’s a stigma many female comics consider a handicap in a male dominated industry. Even after a pseudo womens' comedy renaissance, thanks to the likes of Tina Fey, Amy Pohler, Sarah Silverman, and Chelsea Handler among others, have women progressed at all in the world of punchlines? A recent article stating that <i>The Daily Show with Jon Stewart</i> is the essence of a “boy’s club” and “almost unbearable” for woman to work, let alone succeed in, has compounded the issue of women working with a clear disadvantage. Even though many female comedy writers came out in defense of Jon Stewart, who is the latest late-night comic to be accused of being sexist, it seems to be business as usual in the humor industry. We talk to some funny hunnys for their take on the issue (or non-issue).

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