Thanksgiving’s over, time to share the memories

Nov 22, 2012

Screenshot from Nicole Westbrook’s “It’s Thanksgiving.”

For many people, yesterday’s meal is the most highly anticipated and/or dreaded one of the year.  Perhaps that depends on whether you’re in charge of a houseful of relatives and a kitchen full of pots and pans, or one of the “orphans” who shows up with a bottle of wine, chows down on turkey and stuffing, then falls asleep in front of the football game. 

Or maybe you prefer to skip out on the dinnertime drama altogether by getting a jump on Black Friday sales or spending the day volunteering at a charity.

It’s time for the Friday-morning quarterbacking session – how was your holiday?  Were there any surprises – a long-lost relative, frozen-solid bird or an unexpected change in travel plans?  Did the red and blue factions of your family come to blows?  What about vegans vs. meat-eaters? Did Aunt Sally get drunk and blurt out a buried family secret?  Were there WAY too many kinds of kale salad at the potluck?  What will you do differently next year?

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