Susie Bright, the godmother of erotica, opens up even more

Apr 27, 2011

Titillating, arousing and salacious are words not normally ascribed to a writer’s memoir, unless, of course, that writer happens to be Susie Bright. Bright has been at the forefront of modern erotic literature since its inception during the Cultural Revolution. In Big Sex Little Death, the author recounts the arc of her life: indulging in Beatnik culture after her parents divorced, contributing to the underground paper, The Red Tide as a high school student, organizing for labor unions, and co-founding On Our Backs, the first erotic magazine ran by women for a lesbian audience. Truly a trailblazer in her field, Bright’s account shows a world of constant shifts and tumultuous progress, which no doubt influenced the woman who affected as much change as she saw herself. What role did sex play in Bright’s formative years as a person and as a writer? How did she earn the moniker “the Godmother of Erotica?”

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