Rebuilding & recriminations: what will post-tsunami, post-nuclear disaster Japan look like?

Jun 16, 2011

The earthquake and resulting tsunami that hit northern Japan in March has had immediate impacts on the Japanese and those towns in the path of the wall of water, but the ripple effects are international: as the aftermath of the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant unfolded Germany has declared that it will decommission all of its nuclear reactors within the next ten years while other European countries are considering the same. The meltdowns of all three reactors at Fukushima have spurred a nuclear crisis of conscience all over the world, and in Japan it has threatened the stability of the government, the health of the Japanese people and the overall economy. How can Japan rebuild and will it ever fully recover? The Japanese Ambassador to the U.S. is in studio with Patt to talk not only about the what it will take to decontaminate hundreds of square miles of Japanese land and ocean but also to rebuild shattered homes, lives and trust in a Japanese government and utility system that seemingly let down its people.

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