Oxford Dictonaries Online adds bibimbap, jeggings, and whatevs

Aug 11, 2012

Oxford Dictionaries Online

A screenshot of the Oxford Dictionaries Online (ODO) website entry for the word “bibimbap” taken on August 10, 2012. Credit: Oxford Dictioinaries Online

Affogato, doughnut hole, and bibimbap: just three new words to enter the Oxford Dictionaries Online. The ODO adds new words every three months; this last batch took place in May, and, for culture watchers, is mostly significant because it confirms our obsession with food, including where it comes from (both locavore and frankenfood also made the cut). Don’t worry, there’s also fodder for those of you ready to bemoan the degrading quality of the English language. Whatevs, obvs, and jeggings are now legal Scrabble options, provided you play with the ODO as your dictionary of choice. How are these decisions made?

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