Orange County District Attorney plans to publicize names of convicted “johns”

Apr 30, 2013

Police Conduct Major Prostitution Sting

A female police officer poses as a prostitute on Holt Boulevard in Pomona, CA.; Credit: David McNew/Getty Images

In an attempt to stem out prostitution, Orange County is turning to publicizing the names of those who are convicted of buying sex. Orange County District Attorney’s office said in a news release that the putting a spotlight on convicted “johns” will help “send a message to human traffickers and sex purchasers that they can no longer perpetuate this problem without suffering severe consequences.”

O.C. is the latest to a list of cities across the country that feel that a little public humiliation goes a long way in putting an end to prostitution, which OC District Attorney Tony Rackauckas has characterized as an increasing problem.

Does “john-shaming” work as a tactic in the battle against prostitution? What are the benefits? What are the drawbacks?

Tony Rackauckas, Orange County District Attorney

Laurie Shanks, Clinical Professor of Law at the Albany Law School in New York

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