More cohabitation, less stability for kids?

Aug 23, 2011

The National Marriage Project released a report last Tuesday stating that children in the U.S. are now more likely to have unmarried parents than divorced ones. The National Marriage Project is the combined initiative of two partisan groups in support of marriage, the University of Virginia and the Institute for American Values. The report found that cohabiting parents are more than twice as likely to break up; the study’s sponsor argues that these findings prove that cohabitation puts children at risk by placing them in unstable circumstances. The results of this study seem to suggest correlations with class, education and income levels. Americans with only a high school diploma are far more likely to cohabit than are college graduates. Out-of-wedlock births among white women with only a high school diploma rose more than sixfold in recent decades, while the rate for white college graduates remained flat. What do you think of these survey results? Do you feel committed yet unmarried partners can successfully raise a family? Or should we promote marriage over cohabitating for the sake of children?

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