Life, love and loss with a screen legend

Sep 30, 2011

The multi-talented Dyan Cannon could write a book about her amazing life as a Hollywood icon. Discovered while lunching on the Sunset Strip, she hit the screen with small parts in 1960, went on to become the first woman to be nominated for Academy Awards both as actress and filmmaker, and remains a sought-after screen presence today. But early in her career, she was also “discovered” – then wooed and won — by screen legend Cary Grant, charming, romantic — and 33 years her senior. It’s their magical romance, stormy marriage and inspirational love story she chooses to chronicle in her book Dear Cary: My Life with Cary Grant. Grant was Hollywood royalty, and as first his love interest and then his wife, Cannon found herself within the glamorous inner circle that included Jimmy Stewart, Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn and many others. But there was a dark side to this sun-kissed, screen-worthy romance. In her book, Cannon shares her private memories of the Cary no one else knew – thoughtful, caring, loving, but troubled by family secrets and the knowledge that he was nearing the end of his amazing career just as his young wife was beginning hers. She opens up about the tragic twists and turns that befell their three-year marriage, and the faith and self-awareness that helped her survive its disappointing end.

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