Left on the left coast: new study warns UC students get unbalanced liberal education

Apr 2, 2012

University of California, Berkeley students set up tents after a general assembly voted to again occupy campus as part of an “open university” strike in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement on November 15, 2011 in Berkeley, California. Credit: Max Whittaker/Getty Images

Does the University of California lean to the left? It does, according to a new comprehensive study from the California Association of Scholars.

The report from the conservative organization of professors and administrators points to UC humanities departments as being most impacted by a systematic liberal bias that replaces classical studies and rigorous analysis with a leftist agenda that includes teaching about the grievances of various minorities. Supporters of the study claim it is indicative of a widely unbalanced education being given to students across America.

UC Provost Lawrence Pitts said he disagreed with the findings and insisted that the university allows plenty of impartial intellectual debate. The California Association of Scholars urges UC administrators to restore balance to the faculty and to maintain a fair and unbiased approach to higher learning.


If you have attended courses at UC, what possible liberal bias have you encountered? In what ways has academia, in general, potentially tilted too far to the left in terms of ideology?


Susan Ossman, professor, University of California Riverside Department of Anthropology

John Ellis, president, California Association of Scholars

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