Jeff Goldblum stars in quarrelsome new comedy ‘Seminar’

Nov 2, 2012

US actor Jeff Goldblum poses at the Brit

US actor Jeff Goldblum poses at the British Comedy Awards in London on December 16, 2011. Credit: CARL COURT/AFP/Getty Images

Broadway’s “Seminar” is at the Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles until November 18. The show, written by Pulitzer Prize finalist and “Smash” creator Theresa Rebeck, stars Jeff Goldblum in its Los Angeles iteration. Goldblum, under the direction of Sam Gold, plays a brilliant but unconventional literary luminary teaching a private course to four young writers. The comedy is smart, sexy, and provocative, much like the rest of Rebeck’s repertoire, and the L.A. production inherited the show’s much-acclaimed design team.

Jeff Goldblum and Theresa Rebeck join Larry in the studio to talk about “Seminar,” tickets at


Jeff Goldblum, actor currently starring in Seminar at the Ahmanson

Theresa Rebeck, playwright, television writer, novelist; her play “Seminar” is playing at the Ahmanson Theater through November 18

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