Is your personal information secure with Apple, Amazon? Wired’s Mat Honan offers advice for protecting yourself online

Aug 8, 2012

You would probably think that a technology magazine reporter would be an expert at keeping his personal information safe on the Internet; however; this past weekend, Wired Magazine contributor Mat Honan had his digital life kidnapped by hackers. Along with deleting his Google account, hackers also erased all the data on Honan’s MacBook, iPhone, and iPad. And what hacking takeover wouldn’t be complete without breaking into Honan’s Twitter account and posting homophobic and racially insensitive comments in his name.

Honan conceded that his penchant for using the same information for each account is what led to the digital domino effect. What was more disconcerting, however, was how easy it was for hackers to attain all of his ID account information with just using his name, address, and email account through Apple and Cloud support. The essential piece of information that opened the flood gates for these hackers actually came from Honan’s Amazon account. All it took was for the hackers to call Amazon claiming to be Honan and ask for account setting changes (all of which were emailed to an address of their choosing.) Amazon has not made an official statement regarding Honan’s case in particular, but they claim they have taken care of this security gap.


After hearing Honan’s story, do you feel less safe about the security of your digital information?

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