How much is too much to pay for popcorn at the movies?

Mar 10, 2012

Popcorn, 2010. Credit: Kathleen Cavalaro/Flickr

A Michigan man is fed up with the cost of popcorn and concessions at the movie theater and has decided to do something about it.

He isn’t bringing his own snacks (he tried that, but the theater prohibits it) or refraining from buying popcorn in protest; he’s filing a class-action lawsuit against AMC Theaters for price-gouging. Joshua Thompson is willing to pay a little extra for popcorn, sodas and candy, but paying up to four times the cost of a box of Goobers is taking it too far.

Some legal experts doubt whether the suit will be successful because movies theaters are exempt from Michigan’s price-gouging statutes, but that’s not going to stop him and his lawyer from trying.


Theaters make a large percentage of their profits from concessions, should there be caps on how much they can charge?


Kerry Morgan, attorney representing Joshua Thompson

David Lazarus, business columnist, Los Angeles Times

Greg Laemmle, president of Laemmle Theaters

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