Filmmaker Ken Burns tackles infamous Central Park Jogger rape case

Nov 29, 2012

Ken Burns and Raymond Santana attend “The Central Park Five” New York Special Screening at Dolby 88 Theater on October 2, 2012 in New York City. Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

 It’s a documentary that blends New York history, sociology, true crime and a plea for redemption. “The Central Park Five” centers on the lives of five black and Latino Americans– teenagers at the time – who were charged and convicted with the brutal rape of a Manhattan woman. The case gripped the nation for a long time starting in April 1989. New York was thick with crime.

The teenagers were caught up with raucous behavior. And the city demanded justice. Based on a book by Burns’daughter, Sarah Burns, we see the confessions offered by the five teens and the domino effect created by those videotaped confessions. The film is being criticized as propaganda and a simple mouthpiece for the former defendants seeking compensation for their wrongful convictions.

What does Burns say to that? Did this famous case change anything about NYC law & order?

“The Central Park Five” trailer:


Ken Burns, Co-Director, Co-Producer, Co-Writer, “The Central Park Five;” Some of Burns’ other renowned documentaries include, The Dust Bowl (recently on PBS), The Civil War series, Baseball, The National Parks and many more; “The Central Park Five” was produced, written, and directed by Ken Burns, David McMahon & Sarah Burns

Raymond Santana, wrongfully convicted in the infamous Central Park Jogger rape that occurred in 1989

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