Family vacations – best with or without the kids?

Jul 11, 2012

Thailand Boasts Top Resorts

Should a summer vacation always include the kids? Credit: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

You probably remember them well: those hot summer days spent fighting with siblings and incurring sunburns while being herded by parents from cars to campgrounds, hotel rooms to historic sites.

Family vacations might seem like a good idea at first. They certainly provide time for families to grow closer, share adventures and build memories to last a lifetime.

But sometimes, the competing agendas (“Turn off that Game Boy!”) and stress, outweigh the benefits for parents as well as kids. Mom and Dad might feel guilty leaving the kids at home, but let’s face it, quality grownup time is important too.

So what’s the ideal family vacation? A romantic getaway focused on strengthening a couple’s relationship? Or a trip that includes the whole family? Does it depend on the family or couple? How do you balance time with the kids and time with your spouse?


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