"Down and Derby" – an insider’s history and how-to guide to Roller Derby

Jul 23, 2010

The once-dying, underground sport of roller derby seems to be making a comeback – over the past five years, a mere handful of leagues have grown to more than 400 leagues with over 17,000 skaters worldwide, and the sport got top billing in last year's film <i>Whip It</i>, starring Ellen Page. KPCC's own Alex Cohen, AKA "Axles of Evil," as she's known in the rink, is one of those skaters and she's written an insider's guide to derby, both a history and a how-to. You probably didn't know derby originated in the 1800's or that it evolved from an endurance competition to become what it is today–a knockdown, fast paced, and seemingly violent contact sport that some women simply can't get enough of. Alex and co-author Jennifer Barbee join Patt to discuss all things derby.

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