Could you pass a financial literacy quiz?

Apr 26, 2012

Mercer 9799

It turns out that 20-somethings might be one of the slowest developing generations ever. Credit: Jonathan Serviss/KPCC

Sara works full-time at the Big Save store and earns $2500 a month. Who pays the contributions to Social Security on the $2500 a month that Sara earns?

The answer is both Sara and her employer, but if Sara is twenty-something, it’s entirely possible she won’t know that. The Treasury Department and the Department of Education have tested graduating high school students over the past three years with versions of this question on a 40-question exam called the National Financial Capability Challenge, and the statistics they’ve collected are not pretty – the average score has been 70%, with last year’s average dropping to 69%.

Millennials, or twenty-somethings, also hold higher-than-average debt and have higher-than-average unemployment.


Is the trend indicative of long-term damage to just a generation, or an entire economy? How can this be corrected?

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