Cars 2.0: the future of the auto industry

Apr 27, 2010

The last 10 years have proven be one of the biggest periods of change the global auto industry has ever seen—the next 10 years promise to be just as revolutionary. As cars become more technologically capable, more fuel-efficient, and more powerful (even as the engines get smaller), the auto industry has both struggled and managed to adapt. New safety systems have made automobiles much more resilient in collisions, and yet in the case of Toyota some of those safety systems might be the cause of catastrophic failures. The number and type of hybrid cars on the road has exploded, but battery technology is still lacking for a breakthrough all-electric car. Car companies talk a good game, but more change is still needed to build cars—and change the mindset of drivers—that do not rely on traditional gasoline. How close are we getting to revolutionary technology changes in the auto industry?

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