Candidate for LA County District Attorney: Alan Jackson

Sep 26, 2012

Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson, Assistant Head Deputy District Attorney. Credit: Courtesy of the Jackson campaign

Alan Jackson has made a real name for himself as a prosecutor for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, and now he’s looking to capitalize on that success. He is running for District Attorney against Jackie Lacey, who serves as the chief deputy to current District Attorney Steve Cooley.

Lacey is portraying herself as the candidate with the experience to lead, but it is hard to argue with Jackson’s seventeen years spent as a prosecutor, not to mention his many accomplishments and accolades. He’s twice been named Prosecutor of the Year, and he’s represented winning sides in several high profile cases in the community. In fact, he became the first attorney in 40 years to successfully convict a celebrity of murder in L.A. when he tried the Phil Spector case.

Jackson came from humble beginnings in Texas and was raised by his single mother. He later served as a mechanic in the Air Force before graduating from the University of Texas, Austin. After that he went to Law School at Pepperdine University, and he’s been in Southern California ever sense.

How is Jackson’s campaign faring in the polls? Is he making a positive impression with voters? What key issues separate him from his opponent? What would a Jackson victory mean for Los Angeles?


Alan Jackson, candidate for Los Angeles County District Attorney and currently serving as Assistant Head Deputy for the D.A.’s office

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