Award season series: Animal Kingdom

Dec 20, 2010

No, this isn't the Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom; it's the critically acclaimed film <i>Animal Kingdom</i> by writer-director David Michod. If you aren't a crazy film buff you may have missed it on your way to the <i>Social Network</i> or <i>Inception</i>. A few folks who didn't miss this drama about a less than upstanding family of bank robbers set in Australia… The Sundance Film Festival gave it their jury prize and the American Film Institute (AFI) bestowed it with ten awards including best film, best direction, best screenplay, best lead actor and best lead actress. Speaking of lead actress, Jackie Weaver who plays one of the most dysfunctional matriarch's ever on film has won the LA Critics award, a National Board of Review award, a San Francisco Critics award and was just nominated for a Golden Globe. The film received eighteen nominations at the Australian Film Institute – a record. It won ten of them including best feature film and another best actress award for Jackie Weaver. Did I mention that Patt is going to sit down with this scary lady and discuss the film and the possibility of one more nomination, an Oscar?

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