Setting an Example for Teens

Jun 30, 2010

Pasadena writer and mom Lian Dolan, a Satellite Sister, blogger and the author of the upcoming novel Helen of Pasadena, has an important piece on today. And yes, she’s talking about carpool lines right here in Pasadena. Here’s the first part:

One of the many things I learned in my son’s freshman year of high school had nothing to do with reading, writing or college application résumé-building. I learned the art of the carpool line. Up until this past year, my sons had walked to school right down the street. As a result, I had never sat in an endless line of cars at pickup or drop-off. I had never witness the madness firsthand of late kids, stressed parents and bad driving behavior.

But what was most shocking to me on my early morning commutes to school and back was the number of parents I saw completely distracted by cell phones or PDAs while driving their kids to school. Regardless of the law, common sense or driving safety, lots of moms and dads are texting and driving with kids in the car. Or scrolling through their email on a BlackBerry, one hand on the wheel and no eyes on the road. And my child in the crosswalk.

Now, I’m mad. And I don’t get it. If we want our teenagers to drive safely without texting or talking to distract them, how come we, as parents, ignore the same rules of driving safety?

“Because we think can. Driving is a familiar task and you grow more passive as you age. You think: ‘I can do this. I can do that.’ But you can’t,” confirms Kristen Tabar, the general manager of electronics at the Toyota Tech Center in Michigan and a mother of three….

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