Science Pics & Fashion Lab

Sep 4, 2012
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Photo courtesy of southpasarts.blogspot

Make. Buy. Love. Art.

That’s the motto of SPACE Arts Center in South Pasadena. Their next slew of art classes start September 17th. They include not only drawing, ceramics, and creative writing, but also “Science Illustration” and what they’re calling “Fashion Lab.”

“Science Illustration” will have students (ages 6 & up) working with charcoal, ink, watercolor, and mixed media as they interpret and “explore nature and natural objects through tone, textures, lines, and color.”

“Fashion Lab” allows students to take used clothing and create their own designs. They will be learning “upcycling” techniques, drawing from models, painting and stenciling fabrics, and adding appliques. Heavy emphasis on exploration, improvisation, and expression.

Additionally, SPACE offers the Porpita Society, which is an art club for high school students. It meets the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month and their motto is: exploration, creativity, and being random.

SPACE Arts Center: kids & teens workshops
Classes begin Monday, Sept. 17th
1506 Mission St., South Pasadena
For complete info and to register for classes, visit



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