Books for Sports Parents & Talking Sex with Sons

May 11, 2010

Our neighbor Lian Dolan, author of the upcoming Helen of Pasadena and mom-blogger/podcaster extraordinaire at the Chaos Chronicles, shares her posts with us from time to time. Here’s her latest, dealing with good books for sports parents, as well as resources for talking to sons about sex.

Thanks to Chpliver for reminding me to post the book recommendations I mentioned on Chaos Chronicles podcast 230. Sometimes, at the end of the day on Thursdays after recording the podcast, when Sarah is uploading the show and I am rushing to get the corresponding blog posts up, I forget stuff. Like how to type or what I said I would post. And, I am also still sitting in my closet working on the computer because I can’t disconnect from New York while the show is uploading. Usually, half-way through the upload, I have to dash out and pick up one child or drop off another. It’s a chaotic couple of hours. So… that’s a long way of saying I TOTALLY FORGOT about the books until reminded.

Without further delay…

For Josh and all the sportsparents out there, I recommend Cal Ripken’s excellent book, Parenting Young Athletes the Ripken Way.

It has sound advice for the new sportsparent and the veteran. Plus, Cal has a unique perspective on what it really takes to be a pro athlete, having been raised by a scout and manager and going onto his own Hall of Fame career. Throw in starting a Youth Baseball league, plus watching his own kids play, and Cal Ripken is as qualified as any to give advice on this topic. Love this book.

Also, check out the Positive Coaching Alliance, a great resource for coaches and for parents wondering if there is a way to keep the fun in youth sports and eliminate the crazy. There is!

Finally, sportsparents, here is one from Yours Truly on the topic: Cut the Chaos: A Guide for Sports Parents. A good primer for Josh or anybody else e starting out in organized sports.

Now onto talking to your boys about sex. A mom of an 11-year-old wrote for recommendations on this topic. One book I love that covers sex and sexuality ( and all health questions!) from a doctor’s and mother’s perspective is From Boys to Men: A Woman’s Guide o the Health of Husbands, Partners, Sons, Fathers and Brothers, by Dr. Emily Senay. Frankly, this book has taught me a lot about all the men in my life. The section on Boys and Teens includes straightforward information about puberty and all that comes with that. It’s a terrific resource for beginning a conversation on the topic of sex and sexuality. I appreciate having a few medical and developmental facts in my back pocket when talking about emotional subjects. You can always fall back on hormones! Dr. Senay’s POV gives moms a wonderful framework to work within while discussing issues that, let’s face it, are completely foreign to us! Hey, we weren’t tween/teen boys! What is happening to their bodies is crazy.

Also, the reference section of this book has very good recommendations for topic-specific and age-appropriate books.

You can also check out The Real Truth about Teens & Sex by Sabrina Weill, a fact-filled resource by the editor of Seventeen Magazine. After surveying thousands of teens, Sabrina Weill gives parents a look insides their heads on this topic. As a parent, you get a sense of what kids really know, what they wish they knew and how they really want you to communicate about this subject – whether you want to or not!

Another great resource for topics that may be tough to talk to your teens and tweens about is the terrific website, with dozens of articles written by teens for parents. Managing editor Vanessa Van Petten does a great job of staying on top of what topics are trending for teens. She herself is a terrific writer with her ear to the ground on so many issues.

Please feel free to add your own recommendations on the site. Or post at the Chaos Chronicles Facebook Page.

Embracing my Chaos, Lian



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