Time to Prune the Roses

Jan 6, 2015

IMG_0578The first thing to know is that it’s hard to kill a rose with bad pruning. (Phew!)

But though it takes patience and time to become a skilled pruner (is that a word?) or one who prunes, pruning is very good for plants as it encourages new growth and blooms. Pruning also removes dead wood, improves the plant’s air circulation, and allows the pruner to shape the plant as one may wish.

On January 10th, Ron Serven, Environmental Services Manager and City Arborist for San Marino will conduct his 22nd annual rose pruning workshop.

In just one hour, even inexperienced gardeners will learn the techniques to successfully prune, such as start at the base of the plant, make a clean cut and at a 45-degree angle, and remove and weak or “twiggy” branches thinner than a pencil.

So break out the gardening gloves with the extra long “gauntlet” to protect from thorns and trek into the shed or garage and find the long-handled loppers and by-pass clippers—it’s time to prune.




Rose Pruning Workshop
Saturday, Jan. 10th, 9 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
Barth Community Room, Crowell Public Library
1890 Huntington Dr., San Marino 91108
Free event, limited space (40 chairs available)
For more info, visit





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