Altadena Heritage Celebrates Local Gardens

Jun 3, 2013

DavidMacphersonHouse_AltadenaAltadena Heritage is celebrating local gardens at their annual Spring Garden Celebration and Golden Poppy Awards on Sunday, June 9th.

Altadena Heritage members nominate local gardens that are striking and remarkable, either by enhancing the neighborhood with their beauty or their adherence to being water-wise—or, both! Four to eight awards are presented in any given year, depending on “many factors in the universe,” we are told.

The early evening event will be held in the garden of the gambrel-roofed Macpherson home, which was built for his family by David Macpherson, chief engineer and designer of the Macpherson Trestle on the Mt. Lowe Railway.

Victuals, libations, music, and “conviviality” will be plentiful.

Spring Garden Celebration & Golden Poppy Garden Awards
Sunday, June 9th, 4-7 p.m.
1075 Topeka St., Altadena
Cost: members, $10; non-members, $20; memberships may be acquired or renewed at this time

Photo: David Macpherson House, courtesy of Mark Goldschmidt.


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  1. michele zack says:

    David MacPherson was a brilliant young engineer from London Ontario who teamed up with Thaddeus Lowe to design entire Mt. Lowe Railway! He also developed this part of town, now known as The Historic Highlands. As a major railroad enthusiast, he named the new streets he carved out after famous railways, thus Atcheson, Topeka, and there was a Sante Fe at one time, along with New York (we still have) and Erie, which was also renamed.



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