A Look at La Miniatura

Aug 2, 2010

One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s more acclaimed houses, La Miniatura (aka the Millard House) is on the market again, this time for a hair under $5 mil. (Last time, pre-recession, it was up for $7.73 million.) We’ve been neighbors to this beautiful Prospect Park sculpture in concrete textile block for many years, so we know that ol’ Frank wasn’t so great about designing to avoid roof leaks, but the last round of extensive renovations seem to have finally ended the need for giant blue tarps to protect from the elements.

The house has four bedrooms, two kitchens, an amazing studio and nearly an acre of grounds running from Prospect Crescent to Rosemont below. It is, of course, on the National Register of Historic Places, and architecture buffs are always walking around it with cameras. If you’re interested in buying, here’s the link to agents Crosby Doe Associates; if you just want to look, here you go:

Living room

The mezzanine in the main house

The gardens and the restored exterior

One of the smaller, more spartan bedrooms

The studio

Not your ordinary studio

5 Responses for “A Look at La Miniatura”

  1. Leah Thomson Snell says:

    Though I’ve been a guest in the neighborhood for a long time, I’ve never seen such detail until now of this home. It is unique, fantastic and interesting! I recently took a tour in Midland, MI of Alden Dow’s home and studio and his home and La Miniatura are very much alike. Alden Dow was a student/colleague of FLW, so I gues sit makes some sense that there are similarities…

  2. Diana B says:

    These are some of the best photographs of this place I’ve ever seen. Still, the roof will always leak (as Wright is alleged to have said, “It’s art. Get a bucket.”), so unless you really like the blue-tarp look, I don’t think I’d buy it…

  3. […] aware, Frank Lloyd Wright’s La Miniatura (aka the Millard house), up in Prospect Park, is for sale. As you can see in that post, it’s a beautiful, beautiful house, the first of Wright’s […]

  4. Gina Z says:

    La Minatura is just enchanting beyond words. I’m in awestruck by it’s beauty. What I wouldn’t do to just spend a day in that house. I pray it never leaves Pasadena, it would be a crime to remove it from the lot that inspired this masterpiece.



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