Mystery History No. 9

Feb 11, 2013

Mystery HistoryWhat is this? And where are we?

In this photo, former Pasadena City Manager Phil Hawkey emerges on the “bridge” at City Hall as Hawkman during a Halloween event for city employess on October 27, 1994.

Hawkman stood for truth in government, justice for all employees, and the Pasadena Way.

Every year, Phil (aided by the inspiration of his wife Dena), would don a different getup and entertain employees who gathered in the courtyard at noon for a costume contest, refreshments, and fun. It was a great employee-appreciation event that continued throughout Cynthia Kurtz’s tenure as city manager.

There was always a little bit of a skit. Here’s Phil and yours truly in 1994:

Hawkman II Small

Don’t ask me what my costume was—I don’t remember. I guess I was dressed as a hag!

Phil’s other costumes over the years included Count Hawkula rising from a coffin (“I’m not dead, I just got a 22-year contract!”)…


…Philip Scissorhands the Budget Cutter, Biker Phil, and Energizer Bunny Phil.

When Cynthia was city manager, she incorporated a contest for the best-decorated office lobby into the mix and even served as one of the judges.

Those days are gone now, but so many city employees have happy memories of Halloween fun.

Phil is Interim Dean, College of Law at University of LaVerne. Cynthia is president and CEO of the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership.

Our current city manager is Michael J. Beck, who hosts an ice cream social for employees every summer.

Many thanks to Pasadena Museum of History and Dena Hawkey.

The real face of Phil Hawkey:


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