Mystery History No. 33

Jan 18, 2015

MysteryHistory1azWhere are we?

What’s happening?

In this 1935 photo (right), Joseph Barry, J. Louis Comiskey, and Harry Grabiner sit on an arroyo stone wall at Brookside Park while the Chicago White Sox play a baseball game during spring training.

From 1933 to 1942 and from 1946 to 1950, the Chicago White Sox had their spring training right here in Pasadena at Brookside Park.

(For those who guessed it was William Wrigley Jr. in the photo, he owned the Chicago Cubs and the team had its annual spring training on Catalina Island, which he owned.)

Joseph Barry was the White Sox traveling secretary, J. Louis Comiskey was owner and president of the White Sox organization and Harry Grabiner was vice president.

Every one of the dozens of photos shot by a Pasadena Post photographer three years later, on March 9, 1938, is damaged in one way or another but thankfully now they are carefully stored in the Centennial Room at Pasadena Central Library.

The White Sox catching and throwing along the sidelines at Brookside Park as spectators look on:






Team members lining up in front of a movie camera for a newsreel that would be shown in theaters (people of my generation know what that means!):




Here is a 1942 article in the Chicago Tribune:



Editor’s note: What sports writing “sounded” like back in the day…

Boss James Dykes gives his White Sox squad a second practice session right after the formal opening of spring camp.

“Possibly he was influenced by the fact that, with the exception of a few excess pounds here and there, his 1942 hopefuls are a remarkably graceful lot after a winter of idleness. Even the manager is thinned out , but it’s because of his seven gallstones rather than strenuous exercise.”

See the rest of the article, including photos, by clicking here.





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