You’re Not Alone – Not On This Journey

Oct 13, 2011

Dr. Love and "Army of Women" volunteers

The second someone hears the “C” word from her doctor’s mouth, it can be like getting sucked into a vacuum or being dropped in an isolation tank—and one wonders, how can anyone feel so alone? The shock may linger for a long time, even as those around offer comfort and support.

Dr. Susan Love:  leading breast cancer researcher and guru.

Her mission statement:  “Nobody should face cancer alone.”

Dr. Love will be the guest speaker on Wednesday, October 19th at the Altadena Town and Country Club, sponsored by the Cancer Support Community. CSC offers free services to anyone going through cancer treatment, as well as to family members.

At the luncheon, Dr. Love will explain her latest findings, followed by a book signing of Dr. Love’s Breast Book, 5th Edition (available for purchase at $25, or you can bring your own).

Breast cancer touches so many lives, and the medical community is making steady advances. Come hear a leader of that community sharing her considerable expertise.

Lunch with Dr. Susan Love
Wednesday, October 19th at noon
Altadena Town & Country Club
2290 Country Club Dr., Altadena
Luncheon tickets, $75. Purchase here.


1 Response for “You’re Not Alone – Not On This Journey”

  1. Jay Banks says:

    Interesting event. there should be more of them, I know from my own family’s experience.



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