Honoring Our Military

May 20, 2012

Photo by Lewis Whyld/PA

Memorial Day is a day that America—as a nation—remembers the men and women who have served in the armed forces. It’s a day to reflect on the job they have done; the months and years they have given; the physical, mental and emotional injuries they have had to endure; and the ultimate sacrifice so many have made.

This year, local Vons and Pavilions are asking the public to donate goods so they can send care packages to our soldiers currently serving overseas. Whether it be chapstick, Q-Tips and eye drops, or beef jerkey, sunflower seeds and Jell-O, you can add a few items to your regular shopping list and, after purchase, drop them off in the Care Package Basket.

When the list asks for “anti-fungus foot powder,” “fly paper,” and “mouse traps,” an image is conjured of the environment, a peak into the world in which our soldiers toil. To have requests for mechanical pencils, black ink pens and pocket size notebooks right next to disposable razors and nail clippers, reminds us that though our military is considered the best in the world, the basic needs of our soldiers cannot always be met.

We the people would do well to spend a little time reflecting on what our men and women are experiencing so far from home, and spend a few extra dollars to send a message of remembrance and thanks.

The collection runs Wednesday through Monday, May 23-28, at participating Vons or Pavilions.

Photo by Vyacheslav Oseledko/AFP/Getty Images

Items Needed:
Instant cold packs
Eye drops
Hand sanitizer
Insect repellent
Laundry soap (travel size)
Lotion (travel size)
Men’s boxers
Hand wipes

Photo by John D. McHugh/AFP/Getty Images

Foot powder (travel size)
Anti-fungal foot cream

Shoe insoles
Shampoo (travel size)
AAA batteries
Breakfast or protein bars
Breath mints or gum
Beef jerky/sticks
Cookies (lunch box size)
Crackers (lunch box size)
Fruit snacks
Jell-O, pudding or fruit cups
Microwave beef stew or ravioli (lunch box size)

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Nuts (lunch box size)
Sunflower seeds
Spreadable cheese
Tuna or chicken lunch kits
Powdered energy drink mix
Ziploc baggies (gallon size)
Mouse traps
Clear packing tape
Puzzle books (pocket size)
Sudoku (pocket size)
Notebooks (pocket size)

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

White crew socks
Black ink pens
Black permanent markers
Mechanical pencils
Disposable razors
Nail clippers
Black electrical tape
Fly paper





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