Help Restore Angeles National Forest

Jan 25, 2011

This spring is your chance to get involved in the very worthy task of re-planting the parts of the Angeles National Forest that were badly burned by the Station Fire of 2009. Environmental nonprofit TreePeople, which works to both increase the number of trees throughout the Los Angeles urban area and to restore forest areas that have been damaged, will be bringing its expertise out our way this season to start an intensive reforestation of parts of the San Gabriels. And they need all the help they can get. This is no small project—in fact, TreePeople is hoping to plant nearly 25,000 seedlings in several of the most damaged areas and will be taking volunteer crews up to the mountains every weekend of March and April. And that’s just to plant the trees. In the months and even years to come, there will be follow-up care and some trail restoration that must happen as well.

This is the perfect opportunity to get out in nature, make some new friends, and make a difference in the ecosystem in need of repair in our own backyards. To help, just go to TreePeople’s Forest Aid website, find a day when you’d like to volunteer, and sign up. If you are looking to take on a bit more responsibility, you can sign up to take mountain restoration supervisor training, after which you will be able to work with the TreePeople staff to lead volunteers in the re-planting process. Whether you go once or ten times, alone or with a group of friends, you will make a difference.



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