When a Staircase is More Than Just a Staircase…

Aug 21, 2012

7455a stairs%2BFremont When a Staircase is More Than Just a Staircase...  photo“Mommy, I promise nobody will mind if I explore up there…”

“Sweetie, we have no business up there. People are working in offices up there and we have to go home.”
“Maybe they want me to say hello.”
“Saying hello is lovely, but we have to go now.”
“Maybe somebody is really, really, REALLY having a bad day and they need a hug.”
“That may be true, but we still have to go now.”
“Mommy, I don’t mean to be rude but I think you’re being selfish. Don’t you want to go help those people?”
“Help WHAT people???”
“The poor, sad people upstairs.”
“Why do you think those people are poor and sad?”
“Okay. Maybe they’re not poor and sad. Maybe they just have some really cool stuff up there and we’re missing it. Mommy, we’re missing it!”
I didn’t move.
She didn’t move either.
“Okay,” she said. “I’ll go with you because you said so. But I hope when I grow up I still have a sense of adventure.”
7455a 4926759868384604174 1064078552168657295?l=southpasadena.blogspot When a Staircase is More Than Just a Staircase...  photo

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