Well I’m hot blooded, check it and see…

Nov 1, 2010

Remember my glowing words about how delighted we were to move here for the divine South Pasadena Public School system? Well, this is the fifth virus poor Little Bit has brought home to our family since school started in September and I’ve caught every one. Including another one last week that we were barely through sniffling with. I’m ready to move to a compound for a life that would make Howard Hughes have said, “hey, dude, don’t be so paranoid.” Little Bit is almost over the latest, just in time for me to catch it. I don’t remember having a fever of 103 since I was a kid. But hey, I haven’t had my husband sing a Foreigner song to me in, like, ever.

Kindergarten is not a classroom. It is a petri dish. With crayons.

I did not need a Halloween costume. I was Zombie Mother from Hell. In bed with the chills. Feeling about as good natured as, well, I don’t know. But Joan Crawford would have played the role.

I have a brand, spankin’ new column and video up at South Pasadena Patch tomorrow, sometime around 10:00 AM. It’s all about Mission Street. At least I think it is. I’m delirious and I swear I might have included something about psychedelic monkeys. Please read it and comment. I’m sick, here!

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