Jan 18, 2010

A storm blew in yesterday afternoon — the opening act of today’s main attraction storm system. Most of South Pas looked gray except for this lovely tableau on Meridian.

The National Weather Service says these storms may be the biggest since 1998’s El Nino floods. Meteorologists predict 8 to 16 inches in our nearby foothills– the communities below the epic 250 square mile burn area of last summer’s Station Fire. (8 to 16 inches?!) The Los Angeles Fire Department and Bureau of Street Services are providing sandbags to burn-area residents. Dial 311 to find a fire station or Street Services location near you, or check out the LAFD’s blog or the Bureau of Street Services.

But maybe these clouds have silver linings. Heavy rain will certainly jumpstart all those little seeds scattered across our wildfire-scarred mountains…

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