Too Close for Comfort

Aug 29, 2009

46c06 station+fire+from+via+del+rey+noon+1 Too Close for Comfort  photo The rest of the world loves to say that Californians don’t know anything about weather. Sure, we have a lot of days that are mild and sunny. And I’ll grant you that we don’t know much about blizzards. We enjoy an inordinate amount of beautiful days, but like most pretty creatures, California is temperamental. And when she throws a fit, it’s usually a doozy. There is nothing mild and breezy about earthquakes, floods, mudslides…

…or fires.

100+ degree days and gusty winds have given local firefighters a challenge. The Station Fire has grown into an out-of-control blaze, consuming 5100 acres above nearby La Canada/Flintridge. And when I say nearby, I really do mean nearby. The above picture was taken from Via Del Rey at noon yesterday. The giant plumes of lavender smoke billowed throughout the day as most of San Gabriel Valley rubbed red eyes. By nightfall, the hills burned a crackling, surreal orange. Check out my overflow blog for my dramatic night images from Pasadena and South Pas. You’ll find links for fire coverage from other local bloggers too.

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