To Your Health

May 9, 2012

The raw food people tell us that the secret to health and longevity is consumption of copious amounts of uncooked, unprocessed vegetables and fruits. Paleo eaters maintain that our hunter/gatherer genes require animal protein, lower carbohydrates and, yes, some of those raw, unprocessed vegetables. Then again, the Aruvedic experts chime in with advice to make sure to eat warm, cooked energy foods — like potatoes — to mitigate the effects of excess pitta in your dosha. Mind/Body experts tell us that our happiness index largely determines our health, and that adding moderate amounts of sugar and caffeine boosts our brain serotonin, making us feel happier and, in turn, boosting our immune systems.

Well. I have the perfect solution:
In n Out’s number 1 combo, protein style. Yup. The ultimate health food is a lettuce-wrapped burger, fries and a coke.
Stay with me, here. It’s got enough red meat to make the paleo eaters happy without a big, bad, industrialized, overprocessed white flour bun. The lettuce and tomato on the burger are raw, and you know what that means … unadulterated micronutrients, people! Add a few pitta-extinguishing french fries and an happiness-inducing/energy-boosting coke and you’ve got a meal worthy of its own food pyramid.
(As you might have noticed, I manage to find the health properties in foods our experts overlook…)

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