That’s Show Biz, Baby

Mar 30, 2012

So many film and TV productions have been turning up around town lately, it really feels like living on a set. Here, Bistro de la Gare serves as a location for something that looked pretty fancy. (Expensive suits! Fancy dresses!)

I actually was living on a set yesterday. My delightful little street got yet another 15 minutes of fame as the location of a TV commercial. Well, make that about 15 hours of fame — that’s about how long it took to finish the shoot.

Note to new South Pas residents who might not know the drill: make sure to find out all specifics when a production company tells you they’re using your street for a location. If they are going to feature your house, you definitely want to get paid appropriately, and find out in advance how long you will be required to find alternative parking and how long a crew will have cameras trained on your front door. (Also, for heaven’s sake, make sure not to run around in front of an open upstairs window in your underwear while filming is going on, either. Not that I’ve done that or anything…)

For more on movie and TV production in South Pasadena, check out my tag below and look at the column and slideshow I did last year for Patch.

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