Storm over Fair Oaks

Mar 5, 2011

I snapped this shot the other day when the winter storm was approaching. Now, Fair Oaks is dealing with another kind of black cloud. Business owners are struggling to get by with the massive gridlock caused by the city’s street improvements. Several spoke out at the last city council meeting with stories of lost revenues and layoffs.

Those of us who have maneuvered Fair Oaks know that the situation has impacted the business community because it’s such a hassle to get to the shops and offices. Both sides of the street are torn up with open trenches. Work vehicles regularly block traffic in the two remaining lanes. You might be tempted to walk, but good luck finding sidewalks that haven’t been turned to rubble.

Look, we can complain about this and wonder about the way it was executed but that won’t help our neighbors who are taking a huge economic hit. I believe each of us should make an effort to patronize one of the Fair Oaks establishments this weekend, even if it means getting cement dust all over the car.

Grab champagne and ribs at Gus’s brunch. Too much? Then go for a Napa salad at Shakers or an Italian chopped salad at Wild Thyme. The coffee is worth crawling over rocks to get into Starbucks or the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. The tarts at Union Bakery are as good as you remember. And nothing, I do mean nothing takes away the headache caused by a loud jackhammer quite like a Raymond Sundae from Fair Oaks Pharmacy.

There are dozens of other shops and stores I haven’t mentioned. Go to one of them. They need our help.

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