Self Portrait: Shakers

Oct 3, 2011

It’s been a busy couple of days. If anybody wants me, I’ll be loading up on coffee, eggs and hashbrowns while compulsively playing hashtag games on Twitter. (As illustrated above.)

Special thanks to everyone who came out to the reception for my photo exhibit, South Pas: Observed at Charlie’s Coffee House on Saturday evening. I’m honored to have so many good friends. (My pal Petrea Burchard at Pasadena Daily Photo posted such a nice piece about it yesterday that I now have a head SOOOOO big, it won’t fit through the door.)

Another big thank you to everyone who packed the house at yesterday’s Encore, Rialto symposium at the South Pasadena Library Community Room. Chamber of Commerce wonderboy Scott Feldmann put together a great afternoon of entertainment, information and inspiration. Stay tuned to my Patch column for more video interviews with other Rialto fans as well as case studies of other theaters who have successfully reopened. (If I’m lucky, I’ll even convince the original Rialto cast of Rocky Horror moviegoers to do the time warp AGAIN. On video, of course.)

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