Playdate with the Proletariat

Feb 29, 2012

One of these dolls will run you upwards of $150, including the dress and the shoes. The other costs $29.95, and she comes with clothes, shoes, a baby brother doll, a storybook and some little plastic chachkas to help care for her brother and manage her long hair.

The ritzy one has an exclusive cachet. She’s an official “American Girl” doll — a doll so incredibly special, according to the company marketing materials, she will not just offer superior doll companionship, but allow little girls to “follow their inner star.” (Right. All the way to the American Girl store, where the extra accessories necessary for following those inner stars add up to truly astronomical amounts.)
The budget doll, however, can be found at Target, with a slew of multi-cultural friends. You could buy the whole gang with a few wardrobe changes and still spend less than one of those inner star-following high-brow dolls.

“Mommy,” Little Bit said to me the other day, “some of the girls at school say that American Girl dolls are the only good ones. I don’t get it. I like my Target doll better than my American Girl. My Target doll is just as fun, plus she doesn’t have those weird teeth.”
(Atta girl!)

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