Or maybe they just always wanted a second story bedroom…

Sep 19, 2009

This is turning into a series…

So, the accountant/endocrinologist from yesterday’s post must have a grandmother who lives across town in this house. And maybe the story goes something like this:

For years Grandpa must have wondered why Granny was so distant, so unreachable … until he found the box on the top shelf of her closet. It was the one with all those pictures of a young Granny next to Johnny Weissmuller on the set of a Tarzan movie. She’d been a contract studio player then, an aspiring starlet, and she gave it all up to marry Grandpa.

He would finally show her that he understood her. After all these years, he’d be the man she always wanted! And thus … the hammock. Placed (with great love) high in the trees of a little suburban jungle.

That’s the best I’ve got. My other explanation involved pole vaulters. Anyone else want to take a crack at figuring out why this hammock is 7 feet off the ground?

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