One of Many

Dec 5, 2011

Walking through Garfield Park yesterday was a complete shock. Our shady central oasis is considerably less shady, with at least six trees toppled, awaiting the chainsaw and wood chipper.

Yes, many of the park’s trees still stand. (This one is fine.) For that, I am glad. But with each passing day, I find another landscape dramatically changed and it’s starting to wear down my nerves. The tree in this picture crashed right on top of the picnic table where Little Bit and I loved to have after school snacks. It’s unsettling and creepy and sad.

I think it will take me a while to process the loss of so many San Gabriel Valley trees. (The loss of these were bad enough.) Maybe it will be easier when things get cleaned up. I’ve never been one for viewing open caskets, and seeing all these fallen trees feels a little bit like staring at corpses. I’d rather remember them as they were, and celebrate the ones still standing.
Our power finally came back on yesterday, but I know many South Pas residents are still hunkered down in the cold. For updates, check the Southern California Edison map here, and Patch updates here.

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