Old World Charm

Sep 11, 2012

9bfb8 Raymond%2Bpatio Old World Charm  photoIt’s hard to imagine poor Walter Raymond back in 1934, fretting away his last days in the caretaker’s cottage of his magnificent Raymond Hotel, late on the mortgage and gripped with panic as the Depression brought financial ruin and a wrecking ball destroyed his creation…

While the grand hotel has been gone for decades, the caretaker’s cottage still remains. It’s home to The Raymond Restaurant — a perfect South Pas Craftsman setting to enjoy creative cocktails and California cuisine. The bar has been set up in one of the back rooms of the house overlooking this beautiful patio. After a few of those well-mixed cocktails, you might feel just like you are back at the turn of the last century enjoying the Raymond Hotel high life. (Not that I would know or anything…)
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