Love Bug

Apr 19, 2012

f1927 Kaldi%2Blomo%2Bstyle Love Bug  photoSometimes I swear I have an art director who goes ahead of me and sets up perfect scenes like this one. I couldn’t resist a little iPhone filter magic. Here, I just pointed, shot, and processed the image through the MoreLomo app. (You all know how much I love the free spirit of lomography!)

Update 7:50AM:
Just heard about an event of note:
Everyone head over to our pal Pasadena Adjacent to learn about a fun Garvanza area party/fundraiser TONIGHT! Benefits go toward filmmaker Jake Gorst’s production of a documentary about Antonio Corsi, one of our region’s weirdest and coolest characters. (He was an early 20th century art model, a silent film star and a true bohemian. Learn more here. )
f1927 4926759868384604174 8557510071251978?l=southpasadena.blogspot Love Bug  photo

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Maude Woods - Opening October 22nd in Pasadena



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