It’s all in the View

Oct 12, 2011

Long before this building was known for great Indian food and award winning cupcakes, it was the Mission Arroyo Hotel. Built in 1923, the ground floor was designated for shops, while the upper floor offered lodging. Back in the day, it advertised “New, modern, all outside rooms near streetcars and restaurants.” The rate was $6 to $7 per week, depending on the view.

I used to talk to an older gentleman who called himself Pal– a longtime South Pasadena resident who liked to hang out in the shade near Mission Station. He lived in a room on the upper floor of the old Mission Hotel in the late 1940s, and apparently it was one of the rooms with a view.

“When I was there, I was in love with Olivia,” he told me. “To this day, I look at that building, and I remember what she looked like walking by with the sunlight on her hair.”

Now, every time I look at this old building I also think of Olivia and wonder if she married the right guy.

Thanks to everyone who has asked about how Little Bit is feeling. The fever is still spiking high, but day by day our girl is feeling more like her old self. The poor baby has the flu on top of an upper respiratory infection. We told her that when she’s all better, we’re definitely going to Disneyland.

We appreciate the good wishes, y’all, as well as the kind words from fellow parents who’ve been in the fever trenches. Keep those happy healing thoughts coming!

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