It's a Sign…

Aug 20, 2009

4404c hope+street+sign+hi+contrast+black+and+white It's a Sign...  photo I often look for reasons to drive on Hope Street. It’s a pretty little road, but not particularly noteworthy. Other South Pas streets have bigger landmarks, and flashier houses and larger trees. But I don’t drive on Hope Street for the views … I drive on Hope Street because it’s fun to say to myself, “Hey! I’m on Hope Street!” (It’s also fun to drive in the Garvanza Hills area of Highland Park, turn a corner and exclaim, “Yeah, I’m on Easy Street…”) There’s something cool and magical about feeling like you’re literally standing/walking/driving on HOPE.

When life throws loopy curveballs at us, it would be really great if we could duck, abandon the field and just head on over to Hope Street to power up for another shot at bat. Maybe that’s one reason I love to see these street signs — like little referees reminding me of a bigger set of rules. Hope is palpable. Hope is motivating and miraculous. Hope is a mighty powerful word. (Just ask Obama.)

And we could all use more of it.

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